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AMD GPU plans: Vega, Navi, EUV and TSMC withdrawal
eighteen.05.20021 [14:00],
Anton Testov

In addition to plans for the release of main processing devices, Advanced Micro Devices Corporation has revealed some information about its objectives into the photos processor chip marketplace. Apparently, in the next several years, AMD intends to provide a fresh graphics architecture every 1.5-2 many years, and also abandon the services associated with primary manufacturer Radeon until recently – TSMC.

GPU designers traditionally disclose also less information on their particular microcircuits compared to designers of CPU along with other microcircuits. In this regard, it is really not surprising that the main element fall on GPU development by Advanced Micro Devices for the following years is limited to the names of three microarchitectures, as well as mentions of four technical processes which is used to manufacture brand new GPUs. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that AMD’s programs are confusing at the very least as a whole terms.

AMD’s eyesight for visuals architectures and workflows

GlobalFoundries for Central Processing Unit and GPU

The change to technical procedures with FinFET transistors (14LPP, CLN16FF +) enabled AMD and NVIDIA to considerably increase the transistor spending plans of GPUs, therefore drastically raising their particular performance. Utilizing the transition to FinFET, AMD took another essential action: it canceled the services of TSMC when it comes to production of GPUs: all Polaris and Vega potato chips tend to be manufactured solely by GlobalFoundries. Thus, AMD is curtailing the lasting collaboration with TSMC in the field of discrete GPUs, which started within the last few century.

The decision to move the production of GPUs to GlobalFoundries is strategic and dictated by the want to timely and relatively inexpensively incorporate the newest generation GPUs in to the processors being typically made by the corporation. Due to the fact that discrete Vega potato chips are made on GloFo, GPUs based on the Vega structure might be included in AMD Ryzen Cellphone processors (Raven Ridge) – the group that created this processor chip needed seriously to simply take ready-made GPU products optimized for 14LPP from Radeon Technologies Group (GPU groups).

In the impending years, other discrete GPU improvements by AMD will also be created by GlobalFoundries, and cores considering their architectures is integrated into hybrid processors in an appropriate way, which can be intended to increase the competition regarding the latter.

AMD Radeon Vega Frontier Edition

Moving GPU production to GlobalFoundries also offers a disadvantage. The fact is that GlobalFoundries has no historical experience in manufacturing of huge microcircuits, and also the 14LPP technological procedure accredited from Samsung was developed for cellular systems on a processor chip with a part of ??100-150 mm2, but not for “large” GPUs, whose area surpasses 600 mm2. We have no idea how the GF 14LPP + process technology had been finalized and whether or not the future 7-nm DUV and 7-nm EUV were created with an eye to “large” GPUs (most likely, this is so – designers from IBM Microelectronics with extensive experience with production giant microcircuits), however it is very likely whenever designing the “large” Vega (14LPP), AMD ended up being somewhat minimal in terms of core dimensions.

Vega, Navi and Next Gen

Once we already know, AMD will soon release a range of GPU-based Vega-based services and products for professional and customer programs. This GPU with 4096 stream processors and performance at the amount of 12-13 FP32 TFLOPS would be produced at GlobalFoundries services using the 14LPP technological procedure, which will be already utilized for the manufacture of Central Processing Unit and GPU. This GPU will never be the only person into the Vega family members – only a little later AMD will provide a minumum of one more processor, made in the improved 14LPP + technology, changed by GlobalFoundries. Presently, we don’t know exactly when Vega 14nm + processors will appear and what market segments they’ll certainly be created for, but, evidently, we are speaking about the next quarters (due date – 1st 50 % of 20221).

AMD Radeon Vega Frontier Edition vs AMD Radeon R9 Fury X

The following AMD photos design after Vega will likely be Navi, the GPU based on which is made utilizing 7nm technology. By itself, the transition to your 7 nm process technology allows AMD to double the density of transistors, decrease energy consumption by 60% (with the exact same clock regularity and complexity), or increase the regularity by 30% (with the exact same power consumption and complexity). We have no idea just how AMD will use the transistor spending plan, but it is rational to anticipate that this new production technology will give you an opportunity to somewhat boost GPU performance for different market sections. In inclusion, we understand that when it comes to Navi, AMD guaranteed to make use of an innovative new sort of memory (or new kinds of memory?), that will be once again built to increase overall performance.

On the path to Navi

Due to the fact in the case of Navi, AMD promised two crucial innovations: scalability as well as the utilization of new memory, it’s rational to assume that architecturally Navi will resemble GCN, getting its sixth generation. When it comes to period of look of Navi in the marketplace, this is basically the last half of 20221 (positive scenario), when GlobalFoundries are prepared to start size creation of potato chips using 7nm technology of the first generation.

Advanced Micro Devices has not however develop a title for the architectural follower of Navi, therefore GPUs based about this design are actually called Next Gen (next generation). We do not know if this implies a departure through the GCN concept, or if it is about something different. The thing AMD says about the new design is the fact that GPUs based on it are going to be produced utilising the second generation of 7nm GlobalFoundries procedure technology utilizing EUV. Just what practical advantages EUV brings within the second half of 2021 – the very first half 2021, in addition to shortening the manufacturing cycle and a possible escalation in the yield of appropriate crystals, just isn’t however understood. Therefore, we must expect from Next Gen what we expect from new GPUs to start with: an increase in performance per watt.